Release date: May 24th 2019

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Linus Kåse - piano, synths, sax, vocals

Per Hallman - organ, mellotron, synths, vocals

Kristofer Eng Radjabi - bass, taurus, theremin, vocals

Johan Öijen - guitars

Erik Hammarström - drums

The band is back with their fifth studio album!

Brighteye Brison has recently signed with record label

Bad Elephant Music. 

This is a guaranteed epic, following the continuous

mythology stated on the band's previous work.


To: Ministry of Education

Subject: It’s happening

From: Professor Rhog


I was on the line for three hours to Tellus just now and everything is confirmed.

The boys in the band have signed to London based label Bad Elephant Music.

Seems like Cheek Trustworthy really didn’t know what he was asking for when he said

his words might work with some music! Yes, it is a full-length album covering

important aspects of Brighteye Brison and construction of New World. Since Brighteye

revealed himself to the band it is obvious to me that they have an even deeper insight into

the subject than any of us could ever imagine.

So here we are, with three long-runners. The running time is one hour so I personally

believe they will act as great accompanying material to your lectures. Also you should get

some CD-players, if yours aren’t in working order, because everything will be released publicly

on CD on earth in May 2019. I know you want to be first in line for this!

I’m particularly excited about the fact that the album is called “V”, and not only for Jonas’s sake.

This title really embodies the latest findings regarding the Chronicles. I know this will invite

long and deep conversations in the near future, and I look forward to them.


Talk to you soon!


Professor Rhog

To: roleplaygeekz

Subject: Brighteye the board game

From: Kathleen admin


I sometimes wonder if the true quest of the Nobles was to establish a trade only between

their own establishments. In that case the eastern border would have been untouched

and one can only imagine what consequences there might be!

The outposts would be completely isolated and it would take weeks to cross the

Southside canyons.

I remember Grzznk spoke about adding an alternative map to the game, maybe on the

flip side of the main map or as an add-on. I really like that because then you could play

it through different ages and scenarios. The only problem would be the printing cost but I

am not against the idea of raising the membership this year. If we double it we could

afford a really cool game!


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